The UKash evoucher card offers effective online casino payment methods for online gamblers who are looking for convenient ebanking methods of transaction so that they can  make their casino deposits quickly and safely and withdraw their winnings at their leisure whenever and from wherever they want. The Ukash payment method is the preferred Internet banking method for hundreds of thousands of gamers worldwide who can play their preferred casino games in a safe and secure gaming environment via the UKash prepaid evoucher card. Using the Ukash voucher provides a reliable option that allows gamers to place their deposits and withdraw their casino earnings without linking gambling activities to their local bank account.

UKash eBanking for Online Casino Payment Methods

Ukash is available for your online casino gambling needs at any time of the day or night. If you're playing online games from the comfort of your own home on your personal PC you can connect UKash to your casino account via downloaded casino software and play for real money at your leisure. Travellers can conduct all of their ebanking by linking UKash to their casino account at the Instant Casino on any Internet browser.

Mobile players can open their casino account on their mobile screen and play for real money, using their UKash evoucher card, right on their mobile browser. UKash supports cellular, cable and WiFi connectivity so regardless of the type of Internet connection that you use for your casino activities, you'll be able to enjoy a high-action gaming experience and access your winnings through your UKash account.

UKash eVoucher Card

Regardless of your Internet casino game preference, you'll experience a satisfying and rewarding casino event when you conduct your ebanking with UKash. The ukash option ensures you a secure and private digital banking service for all of your casino needs. Using an UKash card enables you to access to the funds in your online account whenever and from wherever you want. The UKash pre-paid voucher card gives you the ability to funnel your deposits to the casino bank and withdraw your winnings from the casino in a private and secure ebanking environment. Best of all, there are no processing fees with UKash. Conversion rates are competitive, so you can access your payouts in your preferred currency at the economical UKash exchange rate.

The UKash card is accepted at any of thousands of UKash vendors who sell the cards worldwide. The card itself is free and can be purchased, for any amount, at kiosks, convenience stores, ATMS and through online or offline merchants. Find the UKash vendor who's located closest to you on the UKash website. These vendors sell the Ukash card and facilitate all of your requested transactions.  

After you acquire your UKash card from the distributor you can "load" it with any value that you prefer. Tell the UKash card vendor how much money you want to load into the card and he'll take care of the rest. You can load the card via a wire transfer from your local bank account, through your credit or debit card or with cash.

UKash for Online Casino Gaming

To start playing casino games for real money with UKash, visit the casino's banking page and select "Ukash" as your preferred payment option from the list of casino banking alternatives. Alternately, you can indicate your first deposit on your first game and, when the casino asks you to choose a ebank, select "Ukash." Either way, the casino will instantly link your online casino account to your UKash prepaid card.

In order to complete your first transaction, you will be asked to type in the 19-digit voucher code which is printed on your UKash card. This is the only time that you'll be asked for this code -- the casino will not ask you to verify your card at any subsequent time. Your UKash card will stay linked to your casino account permanently, unless you inform the casino that you wish to move to another digital banking solution. 

Using your UKash card allows you to conduct your casino banking activities directly with the casino so you don't have to worry about having your casino activities linked with your personal bank account or with your debit or credit card.

UKash eVoucher

When you gamble with your prepaid UKash card you have the choice of using the entire value of the UKash voucher during your gaming session or using only a specific amount of the card's value. If, after you've finished your casino session, if you still have more credits remaining on your UKash card, or if you have withdrawn your earnings to your card, your card's new balance will appear on a "change voucher" notification which you'll receive via email, SMS or screen shot. 

Security and Currency Support

UKash is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority. This internationally-recognized monitoring agency monitors internet banks to ensure that clients enjoy safe and secure ebanking services. The UK Financial Services Authority is recognized by governments and banking institutions worldwide including those in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

Ukash supports numerous currencies including the Canadian, U.S., Australian and New Zealand dollar, the British pound sterling and the Euro.