Instant Deposits and Withdrawals

Neteller is a secure and easy way to make instant deposits online in addition to being able to withdraw monies won in an efficient and secure manner.  Neteller has been around for close to two decades since its creation in 1999. When it was first created, Neteller was the main and in some cases the only secure online payment option for Canadian players that wasn’t a credit card or bank transfer. Today there are many competitors in the marketplace but Neteller maintains its leadership and popularity through excellent service and additional service options that it offers to its customers including the unique Net+ prepaid MasterCard. Casinos around the world promote and offer Neteller as the number one online payment option. The banking methods online casino Canada choices always detail Neteller as a top choice. Apart from being available in Canada, Neteller is available in over 180 countries around the world and offers deposits in 17 different currencies making it a truly international and very versatile payment choice.

How Neteller Works

The way that Neteller works is a bit like a wallet but this is an electronic wallet. Players at the online casino, who want to use Neteller, open an account and send money to their account. The player can send money to his Neteller account in a number of ways including using direct bank transfers, Ukash, Giropay and even through electronic banking. Once the player has deposited money in his Neteller account, the player can begin to use his account. The money is stored in the Neteller account until needed and when the player wants to start making deposits using his money, it is instantly available. The player accesses his Neteller account by using his unique user name and password. He instructs the amount of money that he wants transferred to the casino account using Neteller and the transaction is instantly carried out. It may sound like a complicated process but Neteller is one of the easiest and simplest banking methods online casino Canada players can use and it is also available around the world. Each and every transaction made by the player is totally instant in addition to being fully secure with total encryption. Players who use Neteller are secure in the knowledge that their personal financial details are not divulged yet are still able to enjoy intents transfers under secure conditions.

Registration and the Special Credit Card

Registering for a Neteller account is another simple step in the process and can be carried out through the online casino with a direct link to the Neteller registration page or the player can access Neteller directly. The registration is carried out in three easy steps that including creating the account, collecting details and confirmation. Once registered the player can immediately use his Neteller account for deposits and withdrawals at the casino. Neteller is one of the only third party deposit options for casinos that also offer secure and instant withdrawals. Players can withdraw their winnings from the casino directly to their Neteller account in a couple of easy steps. And, further to this players can also apply for the special Net + prepaid credit card that in partnership with MasterCard, Neteller offers to its players. The special prepaid card can be used like a credit card and is accepted at all places that a regular MasterCard is accepted. Casino players who choose Neteller amongst the banking methods online casino Canada choices are making a sensible and worthy decision. Apart from the customer service and support offered by the casinos Neteller also offers full customer service and support to all its users that is available around the clock.  From its founding in 1999 Neteller has developed to become the number one online payment option for online and mobile casinos.  Neteller is now traded on the London Stock Exchange under the name of OPAY and potential users and existing users are able to see public reports on the company that emphasize and confirm the excellent service that this ingenious payment option offers to online casino players around the world including Canada and the UK and many other countries.