Gold Factory Online Slots

The Gold Factory makes it easier than ever for slots gamers to access gold! Gamers who play the Gold Factory online slots at the Canadian online casino will have multiple opportunities to spin the reels and play the features as they create their own piles of gold. The Canadian gold rush wasn't as well known as the California gold rush of the 1850s but Canadian pioneers knew that there was plenty of the glittery gilt in the mountains of Western Canada and their quest for their own mother lodes helped to settle Canada's western frontier.

Those hardy frontiersmen could have saved themselves a lot of time and energy if they had only known what slots gamers know today – that with a little bit of imagination and ingenuity, you can find gold easily in a gold factory! The Canada slots follows the tale of a group of whimsical characters who slave away underground, producing the valuable, shiny alloy while they play slots for real money prizes.

Gold Factory is available as a PC game so you can enjoy the slot machine at your leisure on any public computer terminal at the Flash Casino or on downloaded software on your home PC at the Download casino.  Sign into your casino account and start your own gold collection.

Canadian Gold

"There's gold in the mountains" gloated the Canadian gold seekers who were sure that they would out-produce the riches discovered in the California gold rush of the 1850s. A few intrepid adventurers started the Canadian gold expedition in the late 1800s when they found gold in the Klondike region of the Yukon territory. A stampede quickly followed and by the early 1900s Dawson City, the centre of the Klondike region, was home to several thousand new settlers.  Between 1897 and 1899 almost $29 million, in the currency of those days, was found in gold nuggets, making the Klondike gold rush one of history's biggest and most successful searches for gold.

The gold rush in the Klondike region actually begin in 1874 and gold was found on the bars of the Yukon and its tributaries well before the actual rush began in 1870. Most of the early gold bars were found along the Fortymile River, the SixtyMile river and in Birch Creek. However, once the Bonanza Creek find became public knowledge, the stampede began.

Yet, for gold diggers, life in the Yukon was full of perils. The journey was harrowing as the gold searchers were faces with sub-zero Arctic temperatures, avalanches, diseases, exhaustion and heartbreak. Much of the journey involves floating 800 kilometers down winding rivers and treacherous lakes on rafts and through rapids and canyons. Once in Dawson City, the long winters meant cold, darkness, isolation and monotony.

Today, of course, it's easier to travel to the region. Gold prospecting is still an economic mainstay of the region, but it still involves demanding hard work. There's another way to amass some gold – play the Gold Factory online slots and enjoy a Canadian adventure of fun, excitement and real glittery entertainment.

Gold Factory

Gold Factory is available as a real money slots in the Canadian online casino's Real Mode or as a free slots online experience in the online casino's Free Mode. Choose your mode and start playing.

The Gold Factory symbols include everything that you need to produce real gold. There are old-fashioned machines for digging out the previous alloy from the earth along with multiple symbols of wealth. The manager of the Gold Factory, Mr. Goldworks, stands genially by in his top hat and tails, waiting to show you around. You'll see a factory workers, gold coins, the carts that are used to collect the gold nuggets, a train that transports the gold, boats that send the gold to far-away places and colourful drones which help to locate the gold. There's also plenty of gold bullion and a factory monkey which keeps watch over the process of gold manufacture.

You don't have to dig anything out to earn your gold – just spin the reels and complete combinations by matching symbols. Any three symbols that appear on an enabled payline earn you a payout. The Gold Factory Logo is the Wild symbol which substitutes for other symbols to help you create even more completed paylines.

Whenever multiple scatter symbols occur in any pattern across the reels, special payouts and features are triggered. For instance, if two scatter Bonus Coins appear simultaneously, the resulting scatter combination earns you a scatter payout. When three scatters appear together, they activate the Gold Factory bonus round. You can calculate the value of your scatter win by multiplying the scatter symbol combination payout by the total number of  coins that you bet on that spin.

Three Bonus Games

You'll find the Free Spins symbol in the Gold Factory's boiler room. As soon as you spin the reels in the boiler room you'll see a two-digit number. Watch for this number because it indicates the number of free spins that you receive. All of your free spins wins are real money wins and are deed to your previous win total.   

The second bonus game, the Bonus Coins game, which activates whenever 3 or more bonus coin scatters appear on the reels, you'll find 12 barrels that are full to the brim with gold. You can pick four of these barrels which then give you a random bonus win amount – there's a possible 619,000 coin win in this Bonus Coins game.

The Reactor Bonus game is played in the boiler room. Whenever the Reactor symbol displays on the reels during the regular game or the free spins, the Reactor Bonus game begins. Discover your winning payout by choosing one out of twelve displayed chambers. If the Malfunction symbol appears during the Reactor Bonus game, the  Gold Factory Reactor is in trouble, ending the Reactor Round. Consolation prizes, however, await. Bonus wins from the Reactor Bonus game are multiplied by the amount of your deposit and is then displayed in the "Win" box. 

Earn lots of gold and other forms of payouts when you play the exciting Gold Factory Online Slots in Canada at the Instadebit casino or any other casino venue of your choice.