Avalon Online Slots – Two Different Wild Symbols in One Game!

Everybody wants to play the best casino games ever! While there are so many different slots games online, only a few of them are good enough to be considered as top rated. If you are one of the gamers who consider themselves as one with high aspirations, you are probably looking for the best of the best, yet know the process of searching it would take quite a while… therefore, we decided to make life much easier for you and to bring you all of the most updated and relevant info about Avalon Online Slots! Avalon is maybe the most classic game of them all, the one that is highly praised by many gamers and the one you will never want to stop playing from the moment you give it a try. With 5 reels, Scatter symbol and two different Wild symbols, 12 FREE SPINS you can win, as well as 7X multiplier, and many other special features and benefits, Avalon slots can quickly win your heart and make you stick around!

12 FREE SPIN? Sounds Awesome! How Do I Win That?

Yes, you can win 12 FREE SPINS in an Instadebit casino in no time, and use it in order to win even more credits, quickly and easily! There is no controversy that one of the best things about this game is the fact it allows you to win more while putting substantially less effort than you are used to put in many other games.

Winning the FREE SPINS is, indeed, very easy once you know the rules. The very first thing you need to know is the Scatter symbol. Scatter looks like a white angel standing on a blue background. This holy figure should appear three, four or five times on your reels (on adjacent reels), and from that moment on - the magic will start to happen: you will be immediately granted with 12 FREE SPINS which will apply right away. During those spins you are not required to deposit at all. The reels will keep on spinning and you will have the chance to win on each and every spin. Although the game is now played as if it was a "free mode", be sure that all the winnings will still be accounted for your "real money" mode, which means the credits will be added to your balance account right away! The only difference between the winnings in the regular mode and the FREE SPINS mode is that all of your winnings will be 7X multiplied! Quite a deal…!

And that is not all! If you are new at the gaming world, it is possible you are yet to know Scatter is considered as one of the most powerful and game changing symbols. Besides the fact it grants you with 12 FREE SPINS and 7X multiplier in Avalon slots, it is also capable of granting you with additional credits even before the FREE SPINS start!

You will only need two Scatter symbols in order to win two credits right away. In case you have three Scatter symbols, one by the other, you can immediately expect four credits to be yours and if four Scatter symbols are yours – so are 20 credits. The greatest prize, related to Scatter's credits, is 200 credits which follows 5 Scatter symbols that appear on your reels. It is good to keep in mind that the credits that you will win when 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols will be yours with the 12 FREE SPINS and not instead. You definitely get to enjoy both worlds at the same time with this magnificent game!

Time to Play It My Way!

Did you know you can determine how things will happen over here? You can decide how many spins will occur one by the other, when exactly the reels will stop from spinning and under which conditions. You can act like the king of the casino world thanks to the special features that exist in Avalon Online Slots and enjoy more than you did at any other game before! How? With the AutoPlay, of course!

AutoPlay is a great feature that allows you to control the game and set it on an automatic mode. You simply need to press the Expert mode (since you already are one, if you found this game), and then click the Auto button. A new window will open up in front of you and you will have the option to choose how many times you want the reels to spin automatically (you can choose one of the options suggested to you or type in whatever number of spins you want). The same rule applies to the way you want the reels to stop from spinning. You can make the reels stop once you win a certain amount of credits, or once all spins are complete. No matter what you choose, remember that the power is always in your hands! It is completely okay to command the game to spin the reels 1,000 times until all spins are complete and then to change your opinion. A Stop button will always be there for you, and you can press it at any time!

Now It Is Time to Get a Bit Wild

Two different Wild symbols will be at your service as you start playing, and they will have the special feature of replacing each and every other symbol on your reels (besides the Scatter). By doing that, the Wilds will be able to make a two of a kind change into three of a kind (a Wild symbol only needs to appear next to one of these symbols and then it acts as if it was the third one), and to make three of a kind behave just as if it was four of a kind. The difference will, obviously, be noticed at the number of credits granted to you, since the more adjacent symbols of the same kind you have, the more credits you win. By the way, four of a kind can also be transformed into five of a kind, in case you were wondering... Now the only thing left to know about the Wilds is that they can also grant you with different, and wonderful, payouts, and you can win up to 3,000 credits thanks to them. Start playing and learn more about the additional benefits waiting for you!